Will records/data about what a school is copying be collected? If so, how?


Yes. Information about the printed music a school used to be collected by CLA as part of the annual survey of over 700 schools.  From 1 April 2021, Abigail D’Amore will be operating a data collection strategy for schools.  This will be supported by a portal which will allow teachers to quickly and easily submit data.  The portal will also allow access to resources which can be unlocked once data has been submitted.

Any school can submit data about works that are used under the licence.  It is really important that PMLL has a record of what works have been copied and arranged under the licence in order to be able to pay the right people.  The monies that we collect in licence fees are then distributed to our publisher members who in turn pay the writers and composer of the music.  By reporting what you are using it means that songwriters and composers are being fairly recompensed for the use of their works.

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