Amateur Choir Trial Licence – Temporary Extension to Terms

In order to assist choirs during the pandemic, the PMLL Board approved a temporary extension to the licence to ensure choirs were able to use music while meeting remotely.

This temporary change allow choirs to share music:
● Via a pdf copy emailed to members
● Via a password protected section of the choir website

This temporary extension is being offered on a non-precedent and temporary basis only.

Choirs were requested to label the music with the wording below (or something similar) if music was share in the above ways.

This PDF has been reproduced and shared by [insert choir name] under the temporary Covid-19 permissions granted by the PMLL Amateur Choir Licence. Any further distribution is prohibited.’

We are currently monitoring the situation and following reports on when lockdown restrictions will be easing.  The temporary extension is due to end on 31 July 2021.  After this point the licence will revert to the standard terms and conditions which allow choirs to

  • photocopy a specific number of works for members (depending upon the tariff paid)
  • make minor arrangements e.g. change of key to fit the voices of the choirs

We will keep choirs updated with any updates on the extension.

Please note: A condition of the trial licence is to report to PMLL what music you have photocopied. This is an essential part of the Amateur Choir Licence as this data is used to remunerate publishers whose works are being used.