Schools Printed Music Licence – SPML Digital Extension

PMLL extends the SPML to include the digital use of sheet music within the classroom

The SPML currently allows the physical copying of sheet music. The licence has been extended to allow for the sharing of a digital copy of music to a smartboard within a classroom alongside the ability to make copies.

Music can be used digitally within a classroom by:

  • displaying a pdf directly to a smartboard
  • streaming/displaying music via a platform (providing terms and conditions allow)
  • using a visualiser or similar device to display music to a smartboard

The Department for Education, England have purchased the extended licence for all schools and academies within England. If you are using music digitally and are not covered by the central arrangement with DfE, England please contact PMLL to arrange to purchase the extended licence.

SPML Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that the following information on copyright is intended as a guide only. The information is not a comprehensive statement of the law and is not intended to constitute legal advice

The Licence
Do I need to purchase the extended SPML?

If you are displaying sheet music digitally within a classroom to a smartboard you will need purchase an extended SPML. If you are just making copies and not using any digital sheet music then you can continue to use the standard SPML.

Can I share music using a platform?

You will need to check the terms and conditions of the platform you are using to display/share music. If the terms and conditions refer to music being shared only via the SPML then you will need to ensure that your school is properly licensed.

Do I need to report what I am sharing/displaying in the classroom?

Yes. By sharing/displaying music onto a smartboard within a classroom this will still be classed as making a ‘copy’. We still need you to report this via the PMLL portal. When you report this you will just need to tick a box to say that rather than making a physical copy you have displayed the music within the classroom.

We will then need the same information

  • title of the book (if relevant)
  • Title of the song
  • Website you purchased the pdf from (if relevant)
  • Name of the platform/software you use to display the music
Can I still make copies of music?

Yes. The extended licence covers both the physical copying and digital display of sheet music.

I am not a school in England what do I do?

If you are an independent or school in Wales please contact CEFM. If you are neither of these please contact PMLL directly.