Keep the Choir Running - Making Music

A huge amount of effort goes into setting up a choir, and then you need to keep the momentum going. Much of this is about making sure the music stays fun with new challenges and projects. But you need to underpin all that with good organisation.

All the jobs that you need to do to get set up will be quicky replaced with new ones to keep things running and growing. It can seem daunting but having your committee in place will help share the load.

Making Music

Making Music is the UK association for amateur music groups across the UK. They provide practical support and services to help with all the things that go into running a choir. Find out about what they do and request a joining pack on their website.

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‘I cannot speak highly enough of Making Music as a supportive organisation, the individual advisors and people who are in it, who are obviously putting a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of thought and expertise into it’ Making Music member
  • Money

    Bank accounts budgets and good record keeping are vital when people are paying you money in expectation of a service.

  • Promoting your Group

    Raising and maintaining the profile of your groups is vital to continued success. A website and social media accounts are a great way to do this – but need some thought and planning.

  • Organisational Structure

    Watching your informal choir grow quickly is thrilling, but as it does you need to keep up and make sure you have the right structures in place to manage things. Your organisational structure helps guide your financial responsibilities and decision making processes.

  • Policies and Contracts

    They might seem boring and unnecessary at first but as your choir grows, they will help make sure you are doing things in the right way and prevent things from going wrong.

  • Safeguarding

    If you work with children or adults a risk your need to spend some time thinking about how to keep them safe.