Make Sure You’re Summer Concert Ready – Purchase your Amateur Choir Licence today…

Are you a member of a choir and wish to make copies of music?

PMLL has launched licence for Amateur Choirs. If you are a member of a choir and would like to make copies of sheet music or minor arrangements (e.g. change of key to suit the voices of your choir) then you can purchase a licence from PMLL in order to do this easily, without obtaining permission directly from the publisher. You can purchase a licence via the PMLL portal in just a few clicks.

How much will it cost?

The licence is an annual licence and you will need to pay for the number of works you wish to copy and the members of the choir that you will be copying for. For example, if there are 30 members of the choir and you wish to use up to 5 works of music the cost is £2.50 per choir member (plus VAT) for the year. A valid licence must be held if you wish to retain copies of the music made under the licence. You can view the full tariff list.

How will I know what I can copy?

There is a list on the PMLL website of all the publishers who have included their works within this licence. We also have a small exclusion list of certain catalogues or individual works which cannot be used under this licence. If you have a question about a work, you want to copy and are not sure if it is included, please contact PMLL.

Do I need to tell PMLL what I copy?

In order for PMLL to be able to distribute licence fees and pay correctly, it is a condition of the licence to report what you have copied. This enables us to pay the right publisher who will pay the writers and composers of the works used under the licence. You can do this in just a few minutes via the PMLL portal. Once you have created an account there is a simple data submission page where you can fill in information about the works you have copied.

General Information
We have created a number of FAQs to help explain the terms and conditions of the licence and how it works.