SPML – Covid 19 Temporary Extension

PMLL put in place a temporary extension to the SPML to ensure that teachers and pupils were able to access music while learning remotely.  This extension has remained in place to support music education during the pandemic.

The extension allowed:

● Copies of sheet music to be shared to students and parents by email
● Copies of sheet music to be shared via a file sharing service such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

We asked teachers sharing music in the ways above to:

● Acknowledge they understand this extension is only temporary and non-precedential;
● Report all copies that are uploaded to a file share system or emailed;
● Destroy/delete all copies that are made in this way once the restrictions are lifted;
● Copy a designated PMLL employees on file sharing access emails to allow:
– checking on what has been uploaded;
– once the situation has been resolved, checking to ensure all material has been removed from either the Google Drive or Dropbox that has been shared.

We are now following the government roadmap out of lockdown and many restrictions are being eased.  The majority of schools within the UK returned to face to face teaching in March.  The extension will remain in place until 31 July 2021.  Following this date, and providing we continue to see a further easing of restrictions, the extension will be removed and the SPML will revert to the standard terms and conditions.

The Schools Printed Music Licence (SPML) allows teachers at schools and those employed by Music Services to:

● Make photocopies of sheet music (providing an original is owned);
● Photocopy up to 10% of an anthology or workbook (by number of works or pages);
● Scan copies of sheet music and store on a secure network (or VLE) for access by students and staff;
● Make arrangements of music.

PMLL will continue to monitor the situation and will update information relating to the licence where necessary.