Celebrating 10 Years of PMLL – #PMLL10Years


Here is a statement about #PMLL10Years from our CEO, Paul Clements.


“A business born to serve print and music publishers, on behalf of their incredibly talented composers and songwriters, whenever their printed notation and lyrics are copied.


For those less acquainted with this area of the music business, it is analogous to the creativity of the finest culinary chefs being captured in recipe books for the benefit of others to learn from and enjoy. Replace those ingredients with music notes and lyrics, and in there lies the cornerstone of the business PMLL has served over the last ten years. Ensuring that whenever the magic of music is captured on a page and photocopied, it attracts licensing and revenues for that activity when it benefits others’ learning and pleasure. For example, in education or when amateur choirs copy printed music for rehearsal purposes.


The vision of former MPA CEO Stephen Navin, combined with the wholly committed and hardworking Chair Richard King, alongside the safe but ambitious stewardship of PMLL’s current Managing Director, Viki Smith, has assured a simple licensing solution delivered by a not for profit organisation for the markets it has engaged with. All the while providing the essential recognition of rights and royalty value for the music copyright holders it supports.


What continues to motivate us every day is that when printed music is copied, it may be the inspiration for a future Adele, Vaughan Williams, Anne Dudley, Stormzy, Errollyn Wallen, Elton John, Debbie Wiseman, you get the gist. 


Inspiring our next generation of composers, songwriters and musicians while promoting mental well-being and bringing joy to all those engaged in the beauty of learning and performing music makes all our efforts over the last ten years worth it.


May more of the same positively transpire for decades yet to come.”


Paul Clements

CEO of PMLL & the MPA Group