Meet our ACL Ambassador – Mark De-Lisser

Mark De-Lisser is one of the most sought after choral directors and arrangers in the music industry. With over 20 years of experience, he has a unique ability to captivate audiences through his passion for singing.

Mark’s music career began at an early age in a local church in Brixton, where he taught himself piano and started leading the youth choir there at just the age of 15. At a young age, Mark had a natural ability to lead and motivate others, and he showcased this during his studies at Colchester Institute, where he directed and performed with a multitude of ensembles. He has gone on to fulfil numerous roles such as vocal coach and musical director on a variety of TV shows including Our Dementia Choir, Songs of Praise, and has even become an established author with a wide range of published books and music.

This is what Mark De-Lisser had to say about the amateur choir licence:

“The PMLL Amateur Choir Licence is a must-have for choirs rehearsing and performing concerts all year round. It is an easy way to make copies of music and is simple for choirs, fair for composers and makes copying legally effortless.”