PMLL Amateur Choir Trial Licence extended until 31 December 2021

PMLL launched a trial licence for Amateur choirs in September 2019.  The purpose of the trial was to not only understand the needs of choirs to ensure a licence was fit for purpose, but also ensure our publisher members were comfortable with a licence for this sector.  In 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic worsened and the country went into a full-lockdown for many months.   During this time choirs were unable to meet in person and rehearse and make full use of the trial licence.

The PMLL Board put in place a temporary extension to allow pdf copies of music to be share by choirs (under certain conditions).  It is likely that this extension will be removed from 1 July and the trial licence will revert to the standard terms and conditions.

The trial licence was extended and currently expires on 30 June 2021.  Following a recent meeting  of members of the PMLL Board, it was decided to extend the trial licence until the end of 2021.  We hope that by putting in place this extension, not only will choirs who currently have a licence be able to copy works ready for when then they are able to start rehearsing again (once all restrictions are lifted), but also any choir that wishes to take part in the trial will be able to join the scheme.

If you would like further information about joining the trial, or PMLL in general please do get in touch.