PMLL launches a licence for Higher Education

PMLL launched a licence for the Higher Education sector on 1 August 2020.  This licence has been drafted in consultation with Universities UK (who represent Higher Education Institutions)  over the last few years.

The licence will allow staff and students to photocopy and arrange sheet music as part of a course.  The licence will apply to those students studying on a music or performing arts course.  The licence costs £15 per FTE and can be applied for online.

In conjunction with Universities UK a ‘User Guidelines‘ has been produced with detailed information about what the licence covers, how it can be used and how to report the use of works to PMLL.

PMLL acts on behalf of its publisher members and is able to offer licensing schemes because these members have mandated their rights.  In order to ensure that publishers are fairly remunerated for the use of these works and that they can pay monies on to the correct writer or composer it is essential that accurate data is reported to PMLL about usage.  This can be done in a number of ways including an online form on the website or via a spreadsheet that can be provided.